Tax Return Filling Delayed

The Internal Revenue Service announced that it will not process any individual income tax returns until January 30th- at the earliest.

On January 2, 2013 Congress enacted the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) that made changes to 2012 tax law, but the IRS is not ready to process returns. The IRS needs to update many tax forms and
make changes to their computer processing systems. For the “less complex taxpayer” (more than 120 million households) this delay means they will need to wait a few weeks to prepare their returns.

For the rest of us that have tax returns that are “more complex” (that means you!), delays in processing tax returns are estimated to be as late as the end of February or early March. These delays are mostly
due to software programming changes that need to be performed and the creation of new forms and instructions.

“We have worked hard to open tax season as soon as possible,” IRS Acting Commissioner Steven T. Miller said. The IRS is working closely with the tax software industry and tax professional community to
minimize delays.

We anticipate filing returns in the last week of February.

The tax organizer will be mailed out the last week in January and will assist you in the accumulation of the tax documents necessary in the preparation of your tax return.

This means that our tax season will be more condensed- but we will get the returns out in a timely manner or file extension as necessary.

Jesse T. Singer, CPA
Cowheard, Singer and Company, P.A.