Studies report that 9 out of 10 adults will be married at some period in their lives, with at least half of these marriages ending in divorce. The financial complexities involved in a divorce can often be more easily navigated with a devoted professional to secure an individual’s best interest. The dedicated professionals of Cowheard, Singer & Company provide the individual attention required to ensure an equitable resolution for interested parties, with consideration paid to the risk of cost of discovery vs potential recovery.

Our team assists in marital disputes by providing the following services:

  • Review of Financial Documentation
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Asset / Business Valuation
  • Analysis of Pension / Retirement Plans
  • Locating Concealed Assets / Unreported Income
  • Separate Property / Marital Property
  • Calculation of Child Support
  • Distribution of Assets
  • Tax Planning
  • Expert Witness Testimony